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The Assembly has now expired. There will be no further questions on notice, constituency questions, adjournment matters or responses for the 58th Parliament.

What's included

This database contains the following information for the current (58th) Parliament:

  • Questions on Notice
  • Constituency Questions
  • Adjournment Matters (raised from August 2016)
  • Questions Without Notice Ruled Unresponsive (from August 2016)
  • Responses to these questions and matters.

Further information about the database can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Please note the Legislative Council no longer uses the database to upload and track questions and answers

For Council information refer to the spreadsheet listing all Council Questions on Notice and answers received during the current session of Parliament, available on the Council's Questions on Notice webpage. The database can still be used to search questions asked to 23 March 2016 and answers received to 22 March 2016.

No new questions or answers will be published by the Council in this database. Constituency questions asked in the Council are only accessible on the Council's constituency questions page.

For more information, please see the Council's Questions on Notice webpage or contact the Legislative Council Table Office on ph. 9651 8678 or email