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This database contains the following information for the current (59th) Parliament:


•·         Questions on Notice (Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly)

•·         Adjournment Matters (Legislative Assembly only)

•·         Responses to these questions and matters.

•·         Further information about the database can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section.


Please note the Legislative Council did not use the database during the 58th Parliament - please see the Council's Questions on Notice webpage or contact the Table Office on 03 9651 8678 or email


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Learn more about questions, adjournment matters and responses (please note: we are currently updating fact sheets following the 2018 election. Some fact sheets may be out of date):


•·         Fact Sheet F2: Questions on Notice

•·         Fa ct Sheet B2: Question Time

•·         Fact Sheet B5: Adjournment Debate

•·         Legislative Council Questions on Notice

•·         Legislative Council Questions without Notice, Adjournment Matters, Constituency Questions - see left-hand side menu

•·         Questions and responses database frequently asked questions