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Session: 59 Parliament First Session Sitting: 2019 House: LA
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Asked By: Northe Russell Party: Independent Addressed To: Premier
Asked Date: Aug 27, 2019

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CONSTITUENCY QUESTIONMr Northe to ask the Premier

My constituency question is to the Premier. Premier, what is the latest information with regard to the proposed SEA Electric vehicle manufacturing facility earmarked for the Latrobe Valley?

In October of last year the Premier announced this project with much fanfare and with strong support from most quarters of the community, including across the political spectrum. In fact the Premier said at the time that:

The Latrobe Valley is set to become the capital of electric vehicle manufacturing in Australia, with the Andrews Labor Government providing support that will create hundreds of new jobs, help boost the local economy and support workers transition to new industries.

Post this time there has been little public information available other than the Latrobe Valley Authority stating that this manufacturing facility would be established by 2021. So can the Premier confirm when construction of the SEA Electric vehicle manufacturing facility will commence, when it will be operational, how many local residents will be employed initially and the site of the said facility? These are important questions and information for our community, given ongoing employment challenges in the Latrobe Valley.


SEA Electric is currently working with the Latrobe City Council and the Latrobe Valley Authority to identify a suitable location for the business in the Latrobe Valley. In the meantime, SEA Electric continues to manufacture electric vehicles at its premises in Dandenong employing people who reside in the local area and the Latrobe Valley.

The Hon Daniel Andrews MP

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