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Session: 59 Parliament First Session Sitting: 2019 House: LA
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Asked By: Read Tim Party: Greens Addressed To: Transport Infrastructure
Asked Date: Jun 6, 2019

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CONSTITUENCY QUESTIONDr Read to ask the Minister for Transport Infrastructure

My question is for the Minister for Transport Infrastructure, and it refers to the Level Crossing Removal Project along the Upfield line in the north of Melbourne. The picturesque Gandolfo Gardens contain mature trees which are at risk of being cut down as the LXRP uses this as a layover area for equipment. The community is united in wanting to preserve these trees. Seventy-five of them have signed a letter to the minister; there are two community groups. These trees cool the environment and act as a nice screen against the concrete bridge that will be in place. The community really wants these trees protected, so can the minister reassure us that trees within 5 metres of the tracks will be preserved?

I thank the Member for Brunswick for his continued interest in the Andrews Labor Government's promised elevated rail design that will see the removal of four dangerous and congested level crossings on the Upfield line.


New stations will be built at Coburg and Moreland with the heritage-listed station buildings preserved.


The project will revitalise the local area, create new open space and be a catalyst for further enhancements. Construction starts this year and these level crossings will be gone for good in 2020.


We recognise the VicTrack land next to Moreland Station holds significant value to the local community.


We are investing heavily in making spaces around the elevated rail and new stations leafy and green. These spaces will feature three times as many trees and plants as are currently in the area. The project team has sought initial input to the landscaping and open space plans from the local community.


We have - and will continue - to engage with the Coburg and Brunswick communities as they provide feedback on aspects of the project including the new open space and Upfield Bike Path improvements created by the elevated rail design.




Hon Jacinta Allan MP
Minister for Transport Infrastructure

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