Frequently Asked Questions


What types of questions can I find in the archives database?

Legislative Assembly

Questions on Notice

56th to 58th Parliaments (2006-14)

Questions Ruled Unresponsive

58th Parliament (2010-14) only. This process only existed during that period.

Constituency Questions

58th Parliament (2011-14). Constituency Questions did not exist before then.

Adjournment Matters

June 2016 to end of the 58th Parliament.



Legislative Council

Questions on Notice

56th (2006-10) - all questions on notice

57th (2010-14) - some questions on notice

58th Parliament - up to March 2016


For more information, please see the Council's Questions on Notice webpage.


What types of questions are not included in the archives database?

Questions without Notice (also known as oral questions, or questions asked during Question Time). You will need to look in the Hansard for each House.


How can I find out what previous Ministerial portfolios were called?

Ministerial portfolios may have changed names from Parliament to Parliament. For example, Disability, Ageing and Carers has previously been called Housing, Disability and Ageing; Ageing; or Senior Victorians and Aged Care.


If you are searching for a particular portfolio, you will need to select all of its previous titles too.


A list of current and former Ministerial Portfolios can be accessed here.