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Session: 59 Parliament First Session Sitting: 2020 House: LC
QP Reference No: NP 56 Question Number: 1869

Asked By: Meddick Andy Party: AJP Addressed To: Agriculture
Asked Date: Mar 17, 2020

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MR MEDDICK — To ask the Minister for Agriculture: In relation to duck shooting:
(1) Will the Minister confirm if all areas where duck shooting is allowed will be available for the public to view on maps.
(2) Can the Minister confirm if all areas where duck shooting is allowed will be clearly signposted prior to the season commencement.
(3) Will the Minister ensure, for public safety, that a risk assessment has been carried out at all public areas where duck shooting is allowed before the season starts.

The Member for Western Victoria will appreciate that the situation regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) is highly dynamic and impacts on all recreational activities, including hunting.

In normal circumstances, the Victorian hunting maps show where game and pest animal hunting is permitted on public land in Victoria based on land classification. These can be accessed via the More to Explore app, More to Explore online maps or web-based maps available at The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning is the developer, owner and curator of these maps.

As part of the Sustainable Hunting Action Plan, the Government has replaced and upgraded 360 new signs and information totems at 130 State Game Reserves.

The status of land determines where hunting occurs. Assessments inform what activities should be permitted on those lands. In addition, the Firearms Act 1996 requires that firearms are not used in a dangerous or unsafe manner and there are heavy penalties for those who fail to comply. Duck hunting is a strictly monitored activity in Victoria and this Government is committed to ensuring that hunting on public land is safe, responsible and consistent with a wide range of other values and users.

The Victorian Government does not tolerate any activity contrary to its commitment to safe, responsible and sustainable hunting by either hunters or other members of the Victorian community.

In the current circumstances, public health is the priority of the government and the community. Hunters and other community members can get accurate information, updates and advice about coronavirus (COVID-19) from the Department of Health and Human Services' website at

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