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Session: 59 Parliament First Session Sitting: 2019 House: LC
QP Reference No: NP 32 Question Number: 814

Asked By: Hayes Clifford Party: Sustainable Australia Addressed To: Agriculture
Asked Date: Sep 10, 2019

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MR HAYES — To ask the Minister for Agriculture: What processes does the Minister have in place to ensure that the independence of the Game Management Authority is not compromised by links between its Board members and management with Field and Game Australia, the Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia and ammunition companies.
The Game Management Authority Act 2014 (the Act) requires me, as the responsible Minister, to appoint members to the Game Management Authority (GMA) Board based on skills, experience and knowledge.

GMA Board members and employees are subject to the Public Administration Act 2004, which sets clear governance principles and rules for public administration in Victoria.
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