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Session: 59 Parliament First Session Sitting: 2019 House: LC
QP Reference No: NP 32 Question Number: 821

Asked By: Hayes Clifford Party: Sustainable Australia Addressed To: Health
Asked Date: Sep 10, 2019

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MR HAYES — To ask the Minister for Health: In relation to the impact of duck shooting on rural communities:
(1) Has the Government undertaken any risk assessments regarding the mental health impacts on rural communities of unmonitored duck shooting in their backyards.
(2) Given that the Environment Protection Act 1970 states excessive or offensive noise from rifle ranges and sporting activities are punishable under common law, has the Environment Protection Authority or the Government monitored the noise impact of duck shooting on rural landowners, and if so, what were the results of the studies.
The Minister for Health: I am informed that:

It should be noted that shooting across, into or from a backyard without the permission of the landowner is a serious offence under the Firearms Act 1996 and should be immediately reported to Victoria Police.

Duck hunting is a strictly monitored activity in Victoria. The Game Management Authority, like other enforcement agencies deploys its compliance and enforcement activities on a risk-­based intelligence-led basis. The Game Management Authority falls under the purview of the Minister for Agriculture.

Noise pollution is regulated by different authorities and levels of government including the Environment Protection Agency. The Environment Protection Agency falls under the purview of the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. However I am advised that rifle ranges are strictly regulated, concentrated commercial entities as compared to duck hunting which is a diffuse, dispersed activity mostly conducted in remote areas. Should members of the community have concerns about noise from any activity including duck hunting, it should be reported to the appropriate authorities.
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